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Scene 2

Alexis could feel the warmth of Sorel's breath against her neck, his face was that close. "Yes," she answered,

"We MUST stop meeting like this." She raised her eyebrows and cocked her head in mock concern. "People are going to talk."

Sorel smiled and slid onto the bench next to her. "Funny you should say that. Because from what I hear, some people are already talking. And I'm sure you can understand how distressing unfounded talk can be. How...unfortunate."

Alexis smiled right back. "Speaking of unfortunate, I'm impressed that you were able to procure bail. My client's was set at two million. You?"

"Very impressive for one so young. I hate to boast, but I do command a much higher sum. I'll bet you're surprised that bail was set for me at all."

"Well..." Alexis played along.

"My attorney may not be as pleasant to look at as you are, if I may, but in a court of law...he'll take you out in a heartbeat."

"Oh goody! I love a challenge."

Sorel leaned in closer, the smile washed from his face. "What else do you love, Miss Davis?"

Alexis knew in an instant that this was in no way a question, but a pure threat, and she had no intention of giving him what he wanted. Sorel looked off into the distance, detaching himself from her eyes for a brief moment.

"Let me put it another way. WHO do you love, Miss Davis?" He absent-mindedly flicked a bit of snow from his knee.

She stared hard at Sorel, refusing to surrender. He turned back, meeting her gaze once again. He studied her, knowing full well that she was made of stronger stuff than the average woman he encountered. If challenge is what she wanted, he looked forward to putting her to the test.

"You don't need to answer. I KNOW who."

Alexis sighed heavily, attempting the illusion of boredom. She rose from the bench and casually adjusted her scarf. Sorel quickly rose alongside her.

"It's getting late, and THIS is getting tedious. If you'll excuse me." As she moved forward, Sorel stepped broadly in front of her.

"Excuse me," she repeated.

Sorel put his hand in his pocket, a gesture clearly meant to catch her attention. "I don't think you understand me."

"I understand you're in my way."

"And you're in mine!" Sorel snapped harshly.

At that moment Alexis saw a shadow casting itself over her shoulder, a wide expanse of gray infringing on the snowy ground.

"More to the point," Sorel continued, "Your client is in my way. I think it would be best for everyone if Zander Smith were to disappear immediately...and permanently. And I think that you need to convince Mr. Corinthos that it would be best."

Alexis smiled sarcastically. "Not gonna happen." She again attempted to move away, but was stopped not by Sorel's body, but by his words.

"Mr. Corinthos needn't dirty his own hands, Miss Davis. It's well known he doesn't have the stomach for certain...necessities. But there are other people well suited to that kind of work. All he needs to do is turn him over. I'll be happy to take it from there."

"I really don't think it's a good idea for you to be making threats against my client in a public place. You wouldn't want to draw attention to yourself..." She cast a deliberate look over her shoulder at the faceless shadow. "Would you?"

"Miss Davis, it's a shame that WE couldn't have done business together. I admire a woman with nerves of steel. Or at least, one who gives that impression.'' Alexis stood her ground, solid as stone. Sorel finally smiled and stepped back.

"But, you're absolutely right. I wouldn't want to call attention in public." He slowly removed his hand from his pocket, marking that Alexis took note of it. His hand was empty.

Alexis's heart was racing, and she was truly grateful for the bracing chill in the air. She swallowed hard and began to walk. As a nod of Sorel's head sent the lurking shadow to follow in her path, the pounding in her head deafened her to his parting words...

"Some things really are better done in private."