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Scene 113

Alexis pressed her mouth fully into his, tasting his spice and her tears on his soft, full lips

Her hand slid around to the back of his head, pulling him closer into her. Sonny melted into the fullness of her mouth, the scent of her skin, the feel of her hair tickling the back of his hands. His lips softened, the tip of his tongue slipping between them to nudge hers into parting. She needed little encouragement to open herself to him, welcoming his tender, tentative exploration. Alexis moaned into his mouth as his tongue found hers, and the sound sent a shock of arousal surging through him like an electric shock.

Her lips opened wider as his probing grew more curious and bold, stroking her wet warmth with more intensity, plunging deeper, tongue dancing with hers in an urgent building of want until he thought the dizziness would overtake him. She made another sound…or was it him? Sonny's hands began to release their hold on her face as his lips relaxed against her mouth. She followed his lead. Her fingers began to move within his hair as his tongue softened, beginning its retreat.

Sonny gently licked at the roof of her mouth, and then the soft underside of her lip as he withdrew from the sweetness of her. She'd left him breathless and dizzy. And there was more where that came from. Sonny brushed the tip of his nose against hers and opened his eyes in time to see Alexis smile. Her lashes soon fluttered, lids lifting slowly until her languid eyes met his. She ran the tip of her tongue across the full swell of her candy apple lips and sighed lightly. It hadn't quite hit her brain that what she'd felt in her heart wasn't just a feeling - that Sonny really did love her. But it had certainly hit her body. And his.

"I've wanted you to do that about half a dozen different times since you walked in the door tonight." She confessed with a soft smile.

"Oh yeah?"

His fingertips glided their way along the lines of her face. Alexis shivered lightly.


The thunder cracked overhead.

"Why didn't you just kiss me?" His gaze followed the movement of his hand on her skin. "Like you did yesterday morning."

Alexis bit her lip, dimples etching deeply into her flushed cheeks.

"I loved when you did that." Sonny's fingertips danced their way over the tiny crevices.

"Oh yeah?" Her dimples grew.


"You mean…"

Alexis tilted her head and claimed his mouth once more, hands smoothing over the crisp cotton that strained over the firm, curving muscles of his chest. Sonny's hands moved into her hair, and he surrendered himself to the feminine power of her - and the soft, sweet, sensual kiss of his sexy angel.

"Like that?" She murmured as she slowly pulled away.


He wrapped his arms around her, and she melted into them as his mouth came back to hers. He kissed her over and over again, moving his attentions to the curve of her jaw, down the soft length of her throat, and around the side of her neck to nuzzle her behind her ear. Alexis scrunched her shoulder and gave in to the giggles his tickling kisses inspired. The sound made Sonny smile.


"No you're not."

"No…I'm not." He blew a light puff of air on her neck. "And I plan on doing it again."


Alexis's shoulder reflexively hitched upward even more, and Sonny laughed. A sharp flash of light suddenly shot through the dining room window, turning both their heads. Alexis smiled, eyes growing wide as a child's on Christmas morning.

"Oh…lightening." She whispered in awe.

A moment later the thunder rocked. Alexis jumped, and then laughed as she turned her big, excited eyes back to Sonny.

"It sounds like the storm is almost here."

He smiled tenderly. The storm was there already. She was the storm, and she was inside of him. She was the thunder raging in his heart, the lightening coursing through his veins. And Alexis was the rain - the pure, cleansing rain that fell from the heavens to bring renewed life to everything it touched. More than anything, she was Sonny's rain. Another flash of light caught his eye, and Alexis grabbed him by the hand.

"Come watch the lightening with me."

"No, Alexis."

"Oh, come on."

"Honey, you're not supposed to stand by a window during a lightening storm. It's dangerous."

Her eyebrow arched. "This from a man whose chosen lifestyle gets him shot?"

Sonny stared. He had no comeback. A clap of thunder broke.

"Come on!" Alexis tugged on his hand. "It's only a little thunder and lightening. Don't be a chicken."

"I'm not a…"


"You're missing the point."


He sighed. "Honey, I just don't want you getting…"


He bit down hard on the inside of his cheek. "Just stay here with me in front of the fire, okay?"

"Bawk, bawk..."

Sonny crossed his arms over his chest. Alexis grinned mischievously, and he wanted to ravish her right there. Instead, he frowned and assumed an authoritative tone.

"Okay, I know you think you're being all funny and cute right now, but you're NOT."

"I'm being ornery."

"Yes, you are."

"And you're being Mr. Bossy Chicken."

Sonny took in a deep breath and opened his mouth to retort.


"Enough with the 'bawk'!"

Sonny shook his head with a smile. She was just too damned adorable to contain himself any longer.

"Made you laugh." Alexis kissed him. "Must be because I'm funny."

"Yeah, yeah."

He pulled her in for another kiss when a tempting flash of light sparked outside. Alexis looked at Sonny with a plaintive expression.

"I just want to watch it for a minute. And I promise I won't get too close to the window."

As the thunder clapped, completing the storm's ritual duet, he sighed and let Alexis pull her hands from his. It was fruitless to argue with her when she was so determined. And it was impossible to deny her anything that put such pure, child-like joy on her face. Sonny slowly rose from the sofa and followed her to the window, where she stood craning her neck to look up at the sky. He cast his gaze in the same direction as hers, and tail end of a new bold appeared overhead against the dark velvet sky.

"Oh no…I think it's moving south."

"Okay, show's over. Now come on back to the…"

"Not so fast, Mr. Bossy Chicken." She shook her head. "There are windows with a southern exposure upstairs."

Sonny sighed. "Just stay back from the window - please?"

Alexis silently mouthed 'bawk. He wagged his finger as he took a step forward.

"Now look here, buddy…"

Alexis grinned and scurried up the stairs as quickly as her high heels would let her. Sonny hesitated before following her. Should he follow her? Did Alexis want him to? A strange confusion crept over him - and an even stranger sense of anticipation. It made his pulse begin to race. He slowly moved to the stairway, looking upward at nothing. The light scent of gardenias floated on the air. Sonny swallowed. That was it. His instincts told him that if he went up those stairs, he wouldn't be coming back down again. Not that night. Was he being presumptuous…or just plain absurd? Sonny shook his had and began climbing up the stairs.

He was being both.

He paused at the top of the stairs, unsure where to look for her first. He approached the first door, to her bedroom, and found Alexis standing before the far window with the lace curtains held back in one hand. Her face was bathed in soft moonlight as she gazed up at the southern sky, and Sonny stared, mesmerized by the beatific vision of her all framed in white and lit with a heavenly glow. A flash in the sky sent a quick burst of fresh illumination across her face. She was too close to the window. And Sonny didn't even realize he was moving toward her until he reached the corner of the bed and the floor creaked beneath his feet. Alexis turned her head with a smile.

"What took you so long? You just missed a really good one."

She cast her eyes back to the window, eagerly awaiting the next electric dance in the sky.

"It's so beautiful."

"Yes." He murmured, eyed fixed on her face filled with expectant wonder. "Beautiful."

"It's like…nature's most fleeting work of art."

A loud crack overhead sent a jolt through her body. Alexis jumped.


Sonny instinctively grabbed her around the waist and pulled her back, away from the window.

"Damn it, Alexis…"

"Sonny, I'm fine!" She protested.

"You're too close and it's scaring me."

She sighed lightly, leaning back into his chest and letting her arms rest upon Sonny's as they wrapped tightly around her in a protective embrace. She turned her head and lifted her eyes up to his, opening her mouth to speak.

"I know, I know." Sonny beat her to it. "Bawk."

He stuck his lower lip out in a pout and set his chin down to rest upon her shoulder. As his big eyes looked up into hers, Alexis smiled and stroked the backs of his forearms with her fingertips.

"You're fun to tease. I like seeing you playful."

"You're fun to tickle. I like hearing you laugh."

He gently, briefly moved his fingers into her side. She laughed and squirmed within his arms, shifting her weight to one leg. Her hips pushed back into his groin as she moved, and Alexis felt the strength of his body's response to her. Her eyes lowered, and then lifted up to his. Sonny swallowed, his arms slightly relaxing their hold around her waist. He knew what she'd just felt, and it seemed to scare him. She was scared too, in a good way. A line was in front of them, waiting to be crossed...or not. But Alexis loved him. She wanted to cross that line. No - she wanted to leap. And he needed to know it. She turned within his arms and reached up to touch her fingertips to his lips. And then, with her eyes shifting from his eyes, to his mouth, and back again, she deliberately pushed her hips into his.

Sonny took in a sharp breath. Alexis smiled and seductively swept the tip of her tongue across rosy lips still bearing the swell of their passionate kiss. His heart pounded like a metronome counting double time, and his lips burned under her touch. His breath quickened. His fire was fanned. He wanted to feel her touch everywhere. When Alexis rocked against him, he'd almost jumped out of his shoes. Sonny hadn't realized that his body bore a swell of passion as well. At first, he was embarrassed. Alexis wasn't. She was still there, in his arms, looking at him with love and desire. Alexis suddenly tilted her head with a smile, letting her fingertips slip down to his jaw.

"Nickel for your thoughts."

His pulse quickened.

"What I think…is that if I don't feel every inch of your naked skin next to every inch of mine, I might just die."

"Well…" She ran her tongue across her lips once again. "We wouldn't want THAT to happen, now would we."

"Depends on who you ask."

Alexis didn't laugh at his joke. She only gazed into his eyes with assured intensity.

"I love you, Sonny."

"I love you too."

"I want to show you." She whispered roughly. "I need to show you."

She leaned in and swept the tip of her tongue across the center of his lower lip. Sonny's loins nearly burst into flames. Alexis gently brushed her mouth over his.

"What do you need?" She whispered roughly.


His voice faltered as he touched a trembling fingertip to the hint of dimple playing hide-and-seek within her left cheek. His need was endless. It was primal. His need was to commit the luxurious map of her body to memory - the memory of his hands, his eyes, his nose, his mouth...Sonny's hands moved into her hair as his mouth descended upon hers.

Alexis pushed up into him, her tongue tenderly slipping between his lips and beginning to explore his depths. He coaxed her inside, reveling in the feel and taste of her as her hands moved around to the small of his back. The stroking of her tongue against his grew stronger. And Alexis held his hips with firm palms as she gently rocked herself into him once…twice…three times, keeping pace with the rhythm of her tongue.

Oh God…

Sonny's pelvis involuntarily jerked forward as he groaned into her mouth. His eyes were starting to cross behind closed lips, and he could felt Alexis smile in response. She'd wanted to turn him on even more than she already had, and she'd succeeded. Their lips finally parted, leaving them both breathless, panting for air. Sonny opened his eyes quickly, wanting to see her face all flushed and damp. She was beautiful. And as his fingers traced the outline of that beautifully warm, damp, rosy face, her eyes slowly blinked their way open.

He smiled as he gently, briefly, kissed her again. And then Sonny's lips touched down on her jaw and grazed their way down her throat, neither lingering nor stopping to kiss. They just…grazed, like a feather, whispering softly against her skin. Alexis shivered, her neck arching up to him as her hands took hold of his waist. His mouth continued roaming, learning the feel and scent of her skin as his hands slid down from her hair to explore the length of her spine. She moaned at the feel of his fingers trailing down the center of her back, and wished the boundaries of satin and silk between his hands and her skin would disappear.

The wet tip of Sonny's tongue suddenly flicked at the left side of her throat. It tickled, but she didn't laugh. It came again, as Sonny's lips pressed against her throat and his tongue took another turn tasting the saltiness of her skin. She sighed, her hands firming around his waist and pulling him closer. Her tide was rising, hot, tingling and alive. And Alexis thought that if she didn't soon feel every inch of Sonny's bare skin against every inch of hers, she just might die. When his mouth came to the delicate place behind her ear, she began to take the leap.

Sonny felt her hands began to pull at his shirt. He paused, his lips lingering at her cheek as the cotton gave way bit by bit. With each new tug of her hand, his focus was drawn to the pressure of crisp cotton moving against the soft skin below his belt. The tension in his lower region was growing at an alarming rate, and they were both still fully clothed. But not for long. Alexis wanted him naked, and she was taking what she wanted. But she was taking her own sweet time. It was making him crazy, the feel of Alexis's slow, rhythmic tugging. It was turning him to stone. And Sonny prayed that he could contain himself when her naked body was all his to bring to bliss.

And with my body, I worship thee…

He nuzzled his face into the edge of her hair and ran the tip of his tongue along the curve of her ear. Her shoulder tensed up, and he heard a small laugh form in her throat. Suddenly, with one last, strong tug, Alexis's hands freed the tail of his shirt from his trousers. She pulled back slightly to look at him, and Sonny stared down into the dark depths of her eyes in silence. He didn't move, but waited for her to continue - to finish taking what she wanted. Alexis knew. She tilted her head and reached for the top button, eyes never straying from his. Her delicate fingers worked slowly, carefully, slipping the buttons free.

His heart pounded, calling out to her. He thought it would burst in anticipation as it waited for the last of his buttons to come undone and Alexis's hands to find him. But again, Alexis was taking her time, making his hunger grow as the panels of his shirt parted to the touch of only the cool air. Finally, the cotton hung loose on his shoulders and her warm, soft fingers were pushing the fabric away. As his chest was laid bare, Alexis laid her palms flush against the lower slope of his ribcage. A visible shudder ran through his body. She smiled. Her palms moved to his abdomen, slowly caressing the smooth planes before traveling up the center of his body.

Alexis's eyes drifted down from his face, wanting to share in the beauty that her hands were wantonly discovering. He was stunning. His body was smooth, muscled and tan, like a sculpture of coffee-colored marble. But there was one flaw - one beautiful imperfection - the scare left by the bullet that nearly took his life in place of hers. Her fingertips lightly traced the raised flesh, back and forth. And then, her mouth lowered to the jagged line above his heart and graced it with a kiss. Sonny shivered again, eyelids fluttering as his hands cradled her head against his chest. A clap of thunder rocked the sky. A bolt of lightening rocked his body.

Sonny hands tilted her face upward. His mouth came down on hers in an urgent burst of need as his fingers slowly danced down her throat, along the smooth skin below her collarbone, and over the gentle slope between her breasts, where the first tiny pearl button of her blouse lay waiting for him. Her kiss intensified at the feel of his fingers brushing against the womanly curves that swelled against his touch with expectation. Alexis wanted more of his touch, his taste, his scent...she wanted more of everything that was him. And she wanted to give him everything that was her.

Her hands smoothed up and down his sides, drinking in the warm satin of his skin as his hands released her buttons from their silken holds, one by one, taunting her with his languid pace as she had taunted him. She moaned and dug her fingernails into his waist as the last button released. Sonny's palms slid beneath the silk, fingers gently lifting the sheer veil away from her shoulders and releasing it to the ground. And as it fell, gliding down the length of her arms like silken whispers, so fell the rain like kisses from the heavens. Wet kisses.

Sonny felt Alexis begin to smile against his mouth. She'd heard the rain. He slowly broke their kiss and rested his forehead against hers. He opened his eyes and stared, transfixed by the rise and fall of her chest as she breathed heavily, breasts straining against the while satin camisole. She was so beautiful - so purely, sensually beautiful that he could stood right there, staring at her all night. Alexis cupped her cheek to his palm, and his eyes rose up to hers. He'd never seen so much love looking back him from another person's eyes. It made his heart skip a beat.

And then, blood in Sonny's temples began to throb. He wanted to give her wet kisses everywhere. Everywhere. He covered her hand with his and pulled it down to his mouth, pressing a kiss to her palm. Her fingers curved in to brush against his cheek, and he closed his eyes, nuzzling her palm before moving his mouth up each slender, graceful finger and back down again. He drew his lips back over her palm, letting the tip of his tongue trace a lazy circle. Alexis's fingers twitched as he blew a warm, gentle breeze into her palm. He smiled and moved to the inside of her wrist. He kissed her there too, his tongue flicking at her pulse. And then, Sonny continued to nuzzle and kiss his way up the inside of her arm, inch by inch to the chorus of raindrops gently tapping at the window.

A muscle in her arm suddenly tensed beneath his mouth. Sonny halted and opened his eyes to the fading puncture marks and scratches that had made Alexis too self-conscious to bare her arms to anyone's eyes but his. He didn't turn his eyes to hers. He didn't want to see her apprehension, he wanted to kiss it away. Sonny's mouth closed over the first pink mark. He heard her breathing grow shallow as his lips parted to let the tip of his tongue gently stroke her skin. His lips brushed upward, closing upon the next fading scratch. Alexis curled her fingers over his, holding on tight as he tended to every last war wound with love. When Sonny opened his eyes again, Alexis was staring at him with a soft smile and a thin wet trickle running down her cheek.

Rain. It was everywhere. Thunder…lightening…and rain.

Sonny touched her cheek. "What?"

She shook her head as her fingers threaded between his. "Nothing. Everything."

"I know. Me too." He pulled her hand up and held it against his heart. "Alexis?"


He gave her a quick smile, but paused, deeply searching her eyes before he spoke again.

"Do you want to stop?"

"Oh…God no."

Sonny smiled at her unhesitant response. "Good."

Her eyes suddenly betrayed a twinge of shyness. Her eyes betrayed everything. At least, they did to him. And Sonny had seen almost every possible emotion reflected in the depths of those big, beautiful browns. He'd seen Alexis tough, rigidly logical, and verbally annihilating at work, then soft, silly, and sweetly self-deprecating while at play. And Sonny had seen her angry and cold, warm and tender, confused and unsure, clear and determined, a warrior woman and a frightened little girl. He'd seen her with her heart on her sleeve, with her heart torn asunder, and consumed by physical pain. But Sonny had never seen her consumed by physical bliss. He wanted to look into her eyes and see the emotions reflected while being loved by him, body and soul. And she wanted to be loved by him.

And so it began…

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