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Crossing the Line - When Alexis is taken hostage by Sorel and subjected to a heinous act, Sonny finds himself experiencing feelings for his attorney.  Will Sonny be able to hide these new found feelings?  How will Alexis respond to her own feelings toward her client, and how will her residual feelings for Ned play into it?

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Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep - SEXIS Short (PG-13) - After awakening from an intense dream, Alexis is startled by Sonny's presence in her bedroom.

A Done Deal - Alexis / Ned / Sonny - Valentine's Day Short (PG) - An unexpected run-in with Ned reveals truths and closure to the relationship of Ned and Alexis, while Sonny takes the initiative to find out how true Kristina's revelation truly is.

Reckoning - Alexis / Kristina / Ned / Sonny (PG) - Kristina's birth brings much love into Alexis' life. Ned takes his place in Alexis' life as father of her child and someone she can trust and lean on...leaving Sonny on the outside looking in.

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Unbreak My Heart - Alexis / Kristina / Cameron / Zander (PG-13) - After gaining custody of her daughter, Alexis releases herself to the feelings building between Cameron and herself. Zander however has a bit of a different view of their burgeoning relationship that he shares with his father.

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